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Site Tips and Hints

This posts contains a few hints to help you along...

Content is Moderated
So your posts (uploads, forum, links etc) will not be live the moment you click submit. You can still see them, and you might notice that your post has a translucent red/pink background to it, this means that it is yet to be reviewed, other users still can't see it. This process reduces the amount of spam the site gets (to virtually zero).

NOTE: Comments by new users are moderated, moderation time is usually within 24 hours. comments and posts need to be written in English. It's not possible for comments written in another language to be moderated, comments need to be checked to confirm they fit within the site usage guidelines, typical rejection reasons would be explicit sexual metrical, or vilification of other site members.

Complete your profile? Why?
This site only works because of the number of members we have and their ability to interact with each other. Unless you are one of the people who join this site just to hide in the corner and look, then it's important that you complete all of the profile fields. We have designed to site to 'suggest/hint/direct/coerce' users into doing this as follows:

  • Profile Picture (Avatar)

If you don't upload a profile 'picture' (it does not have to be a face pic) then you won't appear in some of the listings on the site. Nor will other users be able to click on your image if you post a comment. To some extent you will be 'hidden from view'

  • Location

If you don't tell us where you live (in which town) then you'll be left out when people search for other users by location. It's not rocket science, but its amazing how many people do just that after they sign up, then after skipping the questions almost immediately search for their local town to see who else is on the site nearby; most likely several other users who did just the same, none of them would have shown up in the search results.

  • Profile Gallery

The profile gallery is a new feature, and apart from gaining you a healthy wad of mudfactor points (more on that in another faq) if you upload images to your profile gallery, not only will you have an external profile that you can link to from other sites, but your posts will be ranked in some of the lists of recent content, and also in the listing of 'top profiles' (being phased in when enough users have created their own profile galleries) The profile gallery is also a great place to upload images that previously went into the user uploads section of the site, in the future we will be directing more visitors to browse the profile by their galleries.

The bookmarks tab at the top of each content picture page, embeded video and profile gallery allows you to find users who like the same things that you do. The bookmarks display will show all the users who have clicked 'bookmark this'. There is also a bookmarks tab on a users' profile page, this allows you to view all the items that this user has bookmarked (and you can see all your own bookmarks by clicking on the bookmarks tab in your own profile (my account). There are 1000's of muddy photos and videos on the site and bookmarking them is a great way to remember them and access them from any computer you are logged into. Bookmarks are private as only mudboyuk.com members can access the bookmarks you have created.

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