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Post or link about boots/gear or gear that you are selling (ebay listing etc). This topic is for boots or other clothing that you are selling, or items you have seen for sale that you think other members might be interested in

Leaky wellies

Anyone know the best way to make my wellies watertight? Slight split along the seam on the outside of each welly - roughly 1cm in length. Only visible when the welly is bent

Disposing of gear - update

I have removed photos of gear now disposed of from my images gallery, but am about to post a few more. In addition, I have the following items of which I don't at the moment have photos: Leather trousers, not scruffy (unusual for me) waist 32, inside leg 34, oddly no pockets at all; a small number of old military green singlets, t-shirt, long sleeve vest. Suit small - medium chest, depending on how tight a fit you like.

I have compiled a word document listing all details of all items if you would like one - but I shall need your email address for that, I think.

Disposing of gear

I am unable to play any more due to a medical condition, so need to dispose of my gear / kit - indicative pics are on my profile, but I do have a range of e.g. overalls / boiler suits, military gear, biker leathers, rugby-style shorts, waders, old denim. Let me know if anything is of interest and I will send further details.

BUT I am only able to hand it over close to my home (Southfields station on Wimbledon branch of District Line) so please do not get in touch if you are unable to make it here.

I'll be keeping my profile on here to cheer me up!

Used gear for sale

Hello everyone,
To cut a long story short I have got myself into some financial difficulties, therefore I am considering selling the majority of my used gear.
This will include, boots, trainers, boilersuits/overalls, hiviz, trackies and much more.
This could be a great opportunity to grab some great used kit as well as help out a fellow mud lover.
Most of my gear is well worn, filthy and has been used by myself and other lads for work and play. Some of the gear featured in my photos will be available.

This Fishing Life

So who else was watching 'Cornwall: This Fishing Life' on BBC2 this evening, in the hope of seeing some fit lads in their gear?

gear 4 sale on ebay

if any 1 wanna buy any of me used gear i got sum 4 sale on ebay
got pair of rigg boots black
pair of riggz boots brown
2x pair le chameau wellies 4 sale
1x trashed pair of Hunter balmorals all muddied up from various meet up wid lads and site work
ave a look
if interested message me or just hit bid button or buy it now button

Hunter Balmoral trashed muddied wellies - https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/233828608367?_trksid=p2471758.m4704
Riggz boots black - https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/233828615570
V12 Rocky workie boots- https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/233832356253

How many Overalls i too much?

How many Overalls do you own? What kinds have you got and how did you come to like them so much?

cow shit wellies

PM me if you want to chat about cow shit

I'm imagining fresh cowpats and me wearing my blue wellies and navy waterproof trousers and coat, and rolling in them, grinding in them etc. let me know if you share these fantasies

Acton Protecto waders

Does anybody own these and can say if they fit true to size or big?

John Deere overalls

Put two pairs of overalls on eBay for sale take a look 

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